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On the Causes of Endodontic Failures

Ali Saleh DDS, MMSc Specialist Endodontist

On the Causes of Endodontic Failures

Apical periodontitis is an inflammatory response to microbial aetiologies originating from the root canal system in infected teeth. The aim of root canal treatments is to prevent and eradicate infections in the root canal system. If done properly this will most often lead to periapical healing.

Sometimes even when the most stringent treatment procedures are followed, endodontic failures may still occur. This has historically caused great concerns and frustration amongst both dentists and patients and thus been a subject of discussion and research in the dental profession. In this lecture we will therefore discuss the causes of endodontic failures. A scientific background about the endodontic disease development will be given, followed by a presentation of the different reasons for endodontic failures and how to manage these. We will also present cases representing these different reasons and discuss strategies in how to handle endodontic failures in a beneficial way.

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