1st EAED Academy Meeting

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1st EAED Academy Meeting



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Event 27 - 29 Mai, 2021

The European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry invites to its first EAED Virtual Meeting, which will be held from May 27th to May 29th 2021.

Digital Technologies have changed the face of dentistry in the last decades, giving rise to our heading Digital Dentistry – Current Options in Different Disciplines – Future Perspectives – Benefit for the Patient.

True to this title, the scientific chairmen have compiled a highly informative and future-oriented program with top-class speakers from all over the world. Following the spirit and tradition of our society, it is hereby intended to present to you the current status and future perspectives of digital techniques in different fields of dentistry and dental technology in three days. Independent and thematically oriented sessions will be accompanied by on-patient live-demonstrations and live-CAD/CAM procedures of milling and 3D printing. The future role and potential of artificial intelligence and big data will also be analyzed. As one of the highlights, a treatment planning session will enable specialists in digital dentistry to demonstrate the newest approaches in virtual planning, test-drives and transfer in definitive metal-free materials. All sessions will be discussed interactively via the online meeting platform.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired by the 1st EAED Virtual Meeting and use this chance to learn from the best. Come and join us virtually, be part of the future of dentistry and meet the flair of EAED! We are really looking forward to seeing you online!

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