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E-Paper-Ausgaben sind exakte digitale Kopien der DTI-Printpublikationen. Leser können das E-Paper durchsuchen und darin navigieren sowie Seiten herunterladen und ausdrucken, um sie offline zu lesen. Um eine weite Verbreitung bei unserer internationalen Leserschaft zu fördern, ist der Zugang zu den meisten E-Papern kostenlos.

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today IDEM Singapore April 19–21, 2024

IDEM emerges as the pinnacle event in dental innovation for Asia Pacific / Interview with Mathias Küpper about the magic behind IDEM Singapore 2024: “IDEM stands out from other shows with its unparalleled focus on fostering innovation, collaboration and education” / “IDEM is putting scientific advancements in dentistry front and centre this year” - Clinical duo Drs David and Davey Alleman share their secrets to success. / “Dental surgeons have an important role to play in identifying patients at risk of OSA” - An expert in sleep medicine offers guidance for treating OSA. / “I anticipate dental clinics being redesigned to optimise ergonomics” - An interview with Dr Lisha Jain on zero concept dental ergonomics. / Business / “Oral health awareness is generally low in Singapore” - Dr Pei Yuan Chan’s research helps clinicians treat their ageing patients. / News / Industry / Floor plan / List of exhibitors / What’s on in Singapore, IDEM 2024, 19–21 April /