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Dürr Dental

Dürr Dental – VistaPano S

The new digital panoramic radiography device with S-Pan technology

Dürr Dental – Vector Fluid polish

Clean, smooth surfaces can only be achieved using the linear vibration deflection system of the Vector Paro Pro.

Dürr Dental’s System Hygiene

The gold standard in instrument disinfection

Dürr Dental – Tyscor suction system

The new Tyscor suction system generation has an impressively high level of energy efficiency

Dürr Dental – Universal dispenser

Pack a punch against germs - with a no-contact system

Dürr Dental – Hygopac Plus System

The new Hygopac Plus – Quick sterilegoods packaging, secure and verifiable

Dürr Dental – VistaCam iX

VistaCam iX – one camera, many options

Dürr Dental – Vector Paro

Vector Paro - Benchmark for low pain treatment

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