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roots international No. 4, 2020


(Nettopreis, Mehrwertsteuer kann an der Kasse auf der Grundlage Ihrer Rechnungsadresse und Umsatzsteuernummer hinzugefügt werden)

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In this issue: Editorial / Reducing microleakage with Er,Cr:YSGG and/or Nd:YAG lasers / “Le passage” / Continuous wave of condensation: A new cordless obturation system / The advantage of using adedicated carrier to place MTA / Eliminating the challenges of crown removal or endodontic access through restorations / EdgeFile X7: Beastly bifurcation / The journey is the reward / Calcied canals: A new approach to an old problem / “At Slow Dentistry, we believe that time is a universal vector of excellence” / Practice management / News / Manufacturer news / Submission guidelines /

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