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MIS – Ratchet Wrench

Advanced Design For A Simpler Implant Procedure From MIS Implants Technologies Ltd.

The MIS ratchet wrench, one of the simplest on the market, is designed as a universal tool for placing and adjusting dental implant abutments and screws for a wide range of sizes.

This lightweight, durable ratchet wrench features a sleek mono-block design, with no lever, complex contours or mechanical components that would require dis-assembly and re-assembly.

Elad Ginat, Products Manager at MIS Implants explains: “It’s a real time-saving tool, with a streamlined shape that prevents the accumulation of contaminants like blood or saliva. This ratchet wrench is ideal for easy cleaning for a safer procedure.”

The new ratchet wrench replaces a previous version and was developed to be an even simpler and more efficient tool than the earlier model. It effectively reduces the number of tools in the portfolio, operating as an insertion tool for various MIS implant models, as a direct key mechanism or as a screw driver.

The ratchet, along with an assortment of newly designed tools, now comes as standard in many updated MIS surgical kits. This includes a special time-saving insertion key that allows for both manual operation and use with the ratchet - making it easier for doctors to determine whether torque is being applied or released; both visually or by touch. The ratchet may also be obtained separately, supplied with a designated adaptor to support other MIS surgical kits and previous versions of the updated kits.

“All of these great design features create a really good user experience for the doctor - and it’s a tool they love to use,” continues Elad. “To ensure accuracy, efficiency and simplicity, MIS continues to develop innovative tools and prosthetic solutions to assist clinicians every step of the way.”



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