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Nueva superficie de MIS Implants

February 07, 2017

MIS Implants Technologies lanzará en marzo su última tecnología en implantes en el Salón Dental Internacional (IDS) en Colonia (Alemania).

MIS announces release of B+ implant surface

February 03, 2017

BAR-LEV, Israel: This March, MIS Implants Technologies is officially launching its latest in implant engineering, the B+ implant surface treatment, at the International Dental Show in Cologne. The B+ layer bonds chemically with the surface of the titanium dioxide of an implant and integrates perfectly with existing and newly forming bone, achieving greater initial osseointegration and longer-term stability.

Live webinar: V3 integration into digital workflows

October 28, 2016 | Education

LEIPZIG, Germany: An increase in the demand for dental implants has led to a greater sophistication in the technology used. Digital dentistry has advanced to the point that 3-D models of a patient’s mouth can be used to maximise an implant’s fit. In an upcoming free Dental Tribune Study Club webinar, Dr Florin Cofar will discuss the digital integration of dental implants, focusing on the V3 Implant System from MIS Implants Technologies.

MIS expands its worldwide business to the British Isles

September 28, 2016

LONDON, UK: According to the latest statistics from market intelligence provider iData Research, the UK market for dental implant fixtures is currently showing the highest growth in Europe mainly owing to its under-penetration compared with countries like Germany, Switzerland and Italy. This makes the country attractive for many small and medium-sized providers, which are now seizing the opportunity to gain a share of this promising market. One of them is Israel-based company MIS—an acronym for “Make it simple” and the company’s motto—which, after successful enterprises in Europe and other parts of the world, is now taking its first steps towards opening its own business in Britain.

B+: MIS presenta la nuova superficie implantare alla Global Conference

September 21, 2016

Barcellona, Spagna – A un anno dal lancio del rivoluzionario impianto V3 a Londra, MIS Implants Technologies ha presentato in anteprima la propria superficie implantare B+ lo scorso maggio alla Global Conference di Barcellona. Come indicano le prime ricerche, il nuovo trattamento potenzia l’osteointegrazione migliorando il fissaggio dell’impianto, aiuta a mantenere la stabilità nel lungo periodo e riduce significativamente il rischio di insuccessi.

To continue leading value market: MIS announces future strategies

June 01, 2016

BARCELONA, Spain: Founded in 1995, MIS Implants Technologies started out as a small implant company in the discount segment, but has developed into a successful global business over the past 20 years. At a press conference held during the MIS Global Conference last weekend, the management team gave a detailed outlook on the company’s future strategic developments, product innovations and potential growth markets.

B+: MIS previews new implant surface at Global Conference

May 30, 2016

BARCELONA, Spain: Only about one year after the launch of its revolutionary V3 Implant System in London, MIS Implants Technologies previewed its new B+ implant surface at the MIS Global Conference in Barcelona this past weekend. As preliminary research results indicate, the novel surface treatment enhances early osseointegration with greater fixation of the implant, helps maintain long-term implant stability and reduces the risk of implant failure significantly.

MIS Global Conference opens in Barcelona

May 27, 2016

BARCELONA, Spain: On 26 May, the third Global Conference of Israeli dental implant manufacturer MIS Implants Technologies opened its doors to dental professionals from all over the world at the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB). Until Sunday, about 2,500 will be attending the event to learn more about the latest scientific research and developments in implant dentistry and MIS’s VCONCEPT and V3 implant in particular.

Only three weeks until MIS Global Conference

May 02, 2016

BARCELONA, Spain: In a few weeks, global dental implant manufacturer MIS Implants Technologies will be hosting its third global conference at the Barcelona International Convention Centre (CCIB) in Spain. Focusing on MIS’s newly released V3 Implant System, international experts will present 34 lectures and five hands-on workshops, introducing participants to the latest implant dentistry trends from 26 to 29 May.

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