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  1. Rohan Bandi says:

    Great suggestions and points Rajeev sir..
    Just one thing since no one knows on what date and day they got exposed, testing on the very 1st or 2nd day of symptoms for rt-PCR would be the most ideal time..


    Please make it available at affordable price in all over India including the remote areas too. Please help us, We have not stepped out of home for over a year in fear of catching covid 19. Normal life is disrupted. We pray the nasal spray works an thanks very much for this Innovation!!!

  3. Syd says:

    Would it not be easier to just have all their teeth replaced with implants? Would be cheaper. The cost of R&D of a product would be in the 100k’s or millions.

  4. Arushi Gupta says:

    Oral hygiene maintenance is important to prevent this .

  5. Dr Ranpise Sudarshan says:

    More research is needed to appreciate facts but it can be taken as alarming signal

  6. Doriana Palumbo says:

    Salve, scrivo per poter ricevere informazioni su come potermi tutelare con il mio ortodonzista. Ho appena iniziato il trattamento e inizialmente mi è stato promesso a parole che non mi avrebbe dato problemi nel parlare e mangiare, bastavano pochi accorgimenti. Adesso mi ritrovo con gravi ferite che mi rendono difficile sia mangiare che parlare e sto avendo problemi sul lavoro, visto che insegno a scuola. Come posso fare visto che ho già firmato il contratto? come posso fare mettere nero su bianco quello che mi aveva promesso inizialmente? Grazie

  7. Idin says:

    My sister age is 37 year, she is Covid +ve report yesterday and her orf gene(ct) is 12 N gene(ct) is 13 and S gene(ct) is 13. So can you please let me know how much she is infected and what is the risk level?

  8. Hannie Verhoeven says:

    Hoe frequent mag een dergelijke opname gemaakt worden?

  9. Anwarulhaq says:

    GC is a best product

  10. Valentina says:

    Buenas tardes, este curso se realizará este año? 2021. Si es así necesito información. Si no es así, habrá algún curso similar? Saludos

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