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The 2016 International CAMLOG Congress was held from 9 to 11 June in Cracow in Poland. Over 1,300 attended. (Photograph: Henry Schein)

Over 1,300 dental professionals tackle everyday challenges at CAMLOG congress

By Dental Tribune International
July 08, 2016

CRACOW, Poland: In early June, more than 1,300 dentists and dental technicians from 33 countries attended the International CAMLOG Congress that took place in Cracow. Under the theme “Tackling everyday challenges”, the 2016 event focused on the practical aspects of implant dentistry in daily practice, in addition to addressing the science, and provided insights not only for current CAMLOG users.

Overall, 76 speakers and moderators from 12 countries and more than 19 universities participated in the event, which is hosted by the CAMLOG Foundation, exploring trends in the industry and exchanging ideas about best practice. Topics discussed included the basic principles of treatment planning, implant surgery and prosthetics; treatment in the aesthetic and posterior zones; and clinical research for daily practice.

In five workshops, participants learnt about 3-D implant planning utilising Swissmeda’s SMOP software and guide system, about bone augmentation in private practice and the limits, the state of the art of maxillary sinus grafting and the practical impact on wound healing based on optimal flap adaptation, and suturing techniques.

A special lecture was held by Prof. Markus Gross, Director of Disney Research in Zurich in Switzerland, which is an international network of research laboratories aiming to push the scientific and technological boundaries of innovation at the Walt Disney Company. He guided participants through the digital world of 3-D facial modelling and demonstrated its potential for medical applications.

In addition, a full-day symposium was devoted to the topic of digital technologies. The ground-breaking Digital Dentistry Pre-Congress yielded fascinating insights into the entire digital workflow. Experienced specialists covered the latest technologies and treatments methods and provided an outlook on the future of digital dentistry. The 120 participants were also able to visit an industry exhibition on the digitisation of dentistry.

“New digital dental technology can greatly enhance the practice workflow and patient experience, but its success hinges on the interoperability between the digital solutions within the workflow and their seamless integration into the practice or laboratory,” said Dr Robert Gottlander, Chief Marketing Officer at Henry Schein Global Dental.

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